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Rotator cuff aandoeningen

Onlangs verscheen in The Lancet een artikel over de behandeling van de rotator cuff aandoeningen, alsook een commentaar hierop.

  • Sally Hopewell, David J Keene, Ioana R Marian, Melina Dritsaki, Peter Heine, Lucy Cureton, Susan J Dutton, Helen Dakin, Andrew Carr, Willie Hamilton, Zara Hansen, Anju Jaggi, Chris Littlewood, Karen L Barker, Alastair Gray, Sarah E Lamb, on behalf of the GRASP Trial Group*

  • Lancet 2021; 398: 416–28


Background Corticosteroid injections and physiotherapy exercise programmes are commonly used to treat rotator cuff disorders but the treatments’ effectiveness is uncertain. We aimed to compare the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of a progressive exercise programme with a single session of best practice physiotherapy advice, with or without corticosteroid injection, in adults with a rotator cuff disorder.

Het volledig artikel vind je hier

Het commentaar verscheen als volgt:

  • Comment / Optimising treatment for patients with rotator cuff disorders

  • Rachelle Buchbinder, Romi Haas

Lees hier het commentaar.

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